Sharon Tate was an extraordinarily beautiful actress of the 1960's. She was born Sharon Marie Tate on January 24,1943 in Dallas,Texas. Her parents were Doris Gwendolyn Willet and Colonel Paul James Tate. Sharon participated in beauty contests from the time she was just a baby.

Beautiful Sharon Tate in the doorway of her house on Ceilo Drive.Sharon and Roman Polanski leased the house in early 1969 from Rudi Altobelli.

In the image below, Sharon and a friend are riding bicycles. Sharon was in the early stages of pregnancy. Sharon's dog, a Yorkshire terrier named Dr. Sapperstein, is running with them. The dog was named after a character in Roman Polanski's film "Rosemary's Baby". And considering everything that is a strange detail. Sharon called the house on Ceilo Drive her "love house".


For those interested in astrology,Sharon was an Aquarius Sun Sign. She was a beautiful both inside and one ever had a bad word about Sharon. Someone once remarked how rare that was for Hollywood. She had been looking forward to the birth of her baby when she life was taken by the lowest scum of the earth.

Sharon was married to director Roman Polanski. She starred in one of his films,"The Fearless Vampire Killers" early on in their relationship. Originally the part that Sharon played in the film was to go to actress Jill St. John. However,Roman and Sharon got along so well after their second meeting it helped cement the role for Sharon,along with her acting talent. And so the relationship that led to marriage was started. Prior to that marriage,Sharon had a serious relationship with Jay Sebring. Jay was a famous men's hair stylist and entrepreneur.Sharon and Jay remained friends for the rest of their brief lives. When Sharon broke up with Sebring to be with Roman, the two men met and became friends. It was not unusual for Jay to visit Sharon,and their homes were located near each other. Sharon's other well-known relationship was with the handsome actor Philippe Forquet ,Viscount de Dorne. Philippe was born the son of a wealthy aristocrat on September 27, 1940 in Paris, France.

Tiring of films and travel, Sharon was searching for something more meaningful. Motherhood, and with it a hopefully more committed relationship with Roman was suddenly Sharon's new turn in life. At nearly nine months pregnant,Sharon was murdered on the night of August 9 of 1969 by the Manson Family. The Sharon Tate murder still stuns the world today. Sharon was less than a month away from becoming a mother at the time of her death. Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger, Voytek Frykowski were also senselessly killed that night, along with a young man none of them knew, Steven Parent. Steven had stopped by briefly to visit the caretaker,William Garretson. As Parent left, he encountered the criminals in the driveway, on their way to the house.

Sharon Marie Tate Polanski, and her unborn baby boy, Paul Richard Polanski, were buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California. It was Wednesday, August 13, 1969.
Sharon's sister,Debra Tate, continues to fight for her sister's cause. She is Sharon's last remaining immediate family member. Sharon had one other younger sister,Patti, who passed away from breast cancer on June 3,2000.

A photo of Sharon during her last days, possibly even her last hours. Very shortly before the murders,Sharon and Jay spent time at the house on Ceilo drive, taking photos and relaxing. Voytek Frykowski also helped with the photography. Sharon preferred that Roman would come home from London. She was tired of guests Abigail Folger and Voyteck Frykowski and yet Roman delayed. I've seen certain photos of Sharon at Ceilo Drive during her last weeks of life, and she did look very sad in more than a few of them. Abigail and Voyteck stayed at Roman's request. It is fairly certain that Sharon's last days were spent feeling lonely, waiting for Roman to arrive back. Jay Sebring was devoted to Sharon and was with her to the end.

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